Parker Inverter AC890PX up to 400kw

The AC890PX is a high power industrial variable frequency drive for AC motors with power ratings of 150-600HP. The packaged VFD includes fuses, disconnect, line reactor, and braking…all that is necessary where a standalone enclosed drive is required.

The AC890PX is a high power variable speed drive for AC motors with power ratings from 150 to 600HP (100 to 400kW). It is a standalone unit provided with all of the standard equipment necessary for new or retrofit applications where a complete enclosed VFD is required. Configuration and start-up of the AC890PX can be performed using the standard operator keypad or from your laptop using DSELite configuration software. The modular design, featuring plug-in inverter phase modules, makes servicing the AC890PX quick and easy.


Product OverviewTech SpecificationsProduct Support
The AC890PX is particularly suited to the following applications::
Open-loop (volts / frequency) control
  • Energy-saving pump and fan applications
  • Extruders
  • Mixers
  • Centrifuges
  • Hoists and cranes
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Engine dynamometers
  • Plug-in phase modules for ease of service
  • Dynamic braking included
  • AC disconnect and line fuses included
  • 3% line reactor included
  • Suitable for use with all types of AC motor
  • Operation with or without feedback
  • Compatible with a wide range of feedback options
  • Conforms to international standards
  • Ultra-compact drive
  • Low-maintenance ensures maximum machine availablilty and productivity
  • Total flexibility for easy factory integration
  • Active Front-End (AFE) version – energy regeneration with low harmonic distortion
Safe Torque Off - STO:
  • The AC890PX features Safe Torque Off functionality as standard, offering users protection against unexpected motor start-up in accordance with ISO/EN13849-1 PL-e or SIL3. Two independent STO control channels are implemented in hardware. A fault in one control channel will not affect the other channel’s ability to prevent the drive from starting, i.e. the STO function of the is tolerant to any single fault. It may not be tolerant to an accumulation of faults. This is in keeping with its declared safety ratings. If one or both STO control inputs is requesting the STO function, the drive will not start, even if for example, the drive’s software malfunctions and tries to cause the motor to turn. The STO function is implemented in hardware; it overrides all software activities. The only software involvement is to report STO status to the user via an MMI, serial communications link or user terminal on the AC890 control board as defined by the drive configuration.
  • Pollution index – Level II (non-conductive pollution, except for temporary condensation)
  • Low voltage directive 73/23/EEC with amendment 93/68/EEC, article 13 and annex III, EN50178 (1998)
  • Conforms to EN61800-3 (second environment)
  • Product conforms to UL specifications
Technical Specifications:
Overload capacity:
  • Induction motor – standard duty : 110% for 60 sec
  • Induction & servo motor – heavy duty : 150% for 60 sec
Output frequency:
  • 0 – 590 Hz in V/F mode
  • 0 – 350 Hz in Closed loop vector mode
  • 0 – 120 Hz in Sensorless vector mode
Switching frequency:
  • 2 kHz (standard) – Adjustable 4 kHz (derating required, consult factory).
  • Suppression of audible frequencies
Operating temperature::
  • 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
  • Maximum 50°C with de-rating
Dynamic braking:
  • Dynamic braking resistor integrated as standard (limited duty cycle)
  • External braking resistor (option)
  • Incremental encoder / – EnDat 2.1 (SinCos) encoder / – Resolver
Enclosure rating:
  • IP 21 / UL Enclosed Type 1 as standard
  • IP 52 or greater available upon demand
  • Cabinet provides an attenuation of 15dB to emissions between 30-100 MHz
  • 85% maximum humidty at 40°C, without condensation
  • Non flammable, non corrosive, no dust
  • Class 3k3, as defined by EN50178 (1998)
  • Test Fc meeting EN60068-2-6
INPUT VOLTAGE 3*380-480VAC | 3*500-690VAC | 320-705VDC (Common Bus)
OPERATING CONTROL MODES V/Hz | Sensorless Vector | Closed Loop Vector | Active Front End | Speed Control of Permanent Magnet Motor
COMMUNICATION INTERFACES RS232 / RS485 | CANopen | ControlNet | DeviceNet | Profibus | Profinet | Ethernet TCP / IP
CERTIFICATES CE (EMC & LVD) | UL Listed | cUL Listed | Pollution Degree II | Pollution Degree III | Safety SIL3 / Ple
OPERATING TEMPERATURE (C) 0-40C (derate up to 50C max)
OPERATING TEMPERATURE (F) 32-104F (derate up to 122F max)
OPERATING ALTITUDE Up to 1000m ASL (derate > 1000m)
OVERLOAD RATINGS Heavy Duty Rating (Constant Torque) : 150% for 60s | Normal Duty Rating (Variable Torque) : 110% for 60s